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About our Eat Savage Broth

Eat Savage Bone Broth

Eat Savage Bone Broth:

Not all bone broth is created equally.  Eat Savage bone broth is made similarly to how perhaps your grandmother used to make broth... slowly simmering it for hours. 

Our bone broth is made with love by certified food handlers in small batches in our commercial, health inspected kitchen in downtown Oshawa.  Read on to learn more.

Sourcing the Bones:

At Eat Savage we believe that a high quality broth comes down to using high quality ingredients; the most important of which is the quality of the bones. 

We source our bones from local Ontario farmers that only practice organic farming methods and ensure that their livestock are growth hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. 

Beef: Our beef bones come from grass fed (raised and finished), pasture raised cattle that have access to additional hay in the winter (no corn is fed).  

Chicken:  Our chicken bones come from organically raised, cage free, chickens. 

NOTE: All broiler chickens (aka those raised for meat) in both Canada and the US must be steroid free.  They must also be free from added hormones.  In addition, all broiler Chickens that are raised on either Canadian or US Farms must be at a minimum Free Run aka raised Cage Free in barns with specific requirements including the ability for the chickens to move around and spread their wings. It's the law!  Broiler Chickens are NOT ever living in cages in Canada. 

On the contrary, egg laying hens can be legally raised in cages with less room to move and so we feel that cage free, free run or free range eggs are important to purchase. Spent Fowl is a term for battery chickens that can no longer lay eggs. This type of meat can be imported into Canada. We do not use bones from imported chicken, battery chickens or spent fowl in our broth.


We use simple ingredients that add flavour.  Again we believe quality ingredients make the best broth so aside from the salt & peppercorns, all of our ingredients are organic.

So in addition to water and bones, our broth is cooked with organic vegetables (carrots, celery, onions) as well as organic garlic (non-china).  We also use organic apple cider vinegar to bring out the nutrients and organic bay leaves for flavour.  We also simmer the broth with natural peppercorns and season the individual jars with Kosher Salt before canning them.

There are no sugars, additives or preservatives in our broth.

The Process:

Making broth is simple but time consuming especially when done right.  We simmer our Eat Savage broth for a minimum of 24 hours (our beef for a minimum of 48 hours). 

For added depth of flavour, we take the time to first roast our bones. After simmering, we triple strain and filter the broth before pressure canning. 

We take the time to pressure can the broth making it shelf stable (similar to a jar of sauce on the shelf of the grocery store). Pressure canning sterilizes and vacuum seal the jars (removing all air) which makes the broth shelf stable so you can store it in your pantry for a long time provided the seal (the flat metal piece) is intact.  The ring is not part of the seal.

Please note: opened broth must be refrigerated and consumed within the week as the broth contains no preservatives.

Storing & Consuming our Broth:

Our bone broth is shelf stable which means that it doesn't require refrigeration until it is opened. You can just store the unopened jars in the pantry or in the cupboard. 

When you receive your broth, there will be an "enjoy by" date on the jar that is anywhere from 9 months to a year away but as long as the seal is intact on the jar, the unopened jars are safe to consume even after that "enjoy by" date.

After you open the jar, you should finish it within the week.  It must be refrigerated after opening.  If you can't finish it within the week, feel free to freeze the remainder in ice cube trays and store in zip lock bags in the freezer. If you freeze the unopened jars, they will break!!  Don't do it!  It's not necessary.  

Reheating the broth is easy.  You can reheat our broth either in a pot on the stove or in a mug in the microwave (be careful as it gets very hot in the microwave and can boil over). 

If you are using the broth as part of a fasting program or during colonoscopy prep - please note that some people find it easier to heat the entire contents of the jar in a pot on the stove and then put the broth into a thermos that allows you to sip on the broth throughout the day without heating it up each time you want a cup.

Feel free to season your broth as you wish.  You can add additional salt and other spices or you can use the broth as a base for rich, hearty soups and gravies.

Again, do NOT Freeze in the unopened glass jars.  100% they will break ... really... like kaboom... glass everywhere... there is no air for the broth in the jar to expand into even though it might look like there is!  So unless you like cleaning up a giant mess.. just don't do it!  As we have said, it is an unnecessary step as the broth does not require refrigeration or freezing until it is opened. 

Nutritional Information for our Broth:

Our broth is not made in a giant factory.  We make our broth in house and as a small, family run business we haven't had our broth sent away for nutritional analysis.  We do add the salt individually to each jar during the canning process so we can tell you that our 1 litre jars contain 1/2 tsp of kosher salt in the entire litre which means that there is 560mg of sodium per jar which equates to 140mg of sodium per cup.  This is significantly lower than grocery store broths which contain up to 900+mg of sodium per cup!  Even some of the low sodium grocery store broths contain over 500mg of sodium per cup so by that rational... ours is extremely low sodium and yet way more flavourful than those store bought broths that need the extra salt to make them taste ok.

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